School Parents Communication on App

Well checking upon the parent’s side one can say this application plays an important role in their life. Every parent wants to know how their kid is doing in the curricular and academics. This application helps them to keep a close eye on what their kid’s everyday activity is. Therefore every parent’s communication is a very important part of the application.

Let’s check upon the factors which play a role in the parent’s side of the application

Attendance Management

It’s an observatory thing in the schools these days. But teachers these days also find it hectic to maintain the attendance register. It’s a very time consuming and repetitive task to do every day. This application provides the teachers & parents the ease to view the attendance anywhere and at any time.

Online Fee Payment

Now parents don’t need to carry the cash to the school to pay their kid’s fees. Through this application with secure payment, they can pay the fees online. Parents face problems through the online net banking sometimes with this application the payments are made easy and no parent need to panic about how they are going to pay their kid’s fee. Integrating this feature in the school application will help many parents and schools from the hassle and mess of people gathering to pay their kids fees..

Grades Accessibility

Well, a parent’s involvement in their kid’s life is a very crucial role. Keeping parents tuned in with their kid’s academics is very important. This application gives leverage to the parent’s to get involved in their kids’ academic growth while getting busy with their own work. This feature in the application helps the parents to check their kid’s academics scores and the grades they have scored in every subject. They can also check up on their kid’s homework assignments.

Real-Time Push Notification

With this feature in the school application, the school will be able to send the real-time push notification to the parents on their devices. Student’s attendance records can be sent to parents as a notification or any test record for the test taken in the school. Parents are kept in the loop about what’s going on how their kid is performing. Additional notification can be sent about the bus going late or an urgent school holiday.

Features of School Parent App


  • Parent now can track their kid’s daily attendance and test results if there are any.

  • Parents can get their child’s exam schedule and exam marks in the application.

  • Parents can get the school events details and information.

  • Parents and the staff gets the direct information from the school through push notifications.

  • Parents can also check their kid’s bus or transportation in real-time through GPRS/GPS.