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GST Billing Software Solutions

The best GST Software available in the market at very low price !

Create all kinds of sales, purchase, CDN or export invoices. Inbuilt validation engine to make error free invoices. It makes easy for GST software to file returns.

  • 3 Click billing & filing
  • Real time data sharing between business and CAs
  • Bulk import Excel data
  • Reconciling mismatches with Tax Validation rules

Create GST Bills in Excel anytime anywhere

  • Create sales and purchase invoices easily
  • No training required.
  • Inbuilt tax validation engine for error free invoices
  • Works with MS Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016
  • Customizable Invoice formats


  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Credit Note for Sales / Purchase
  • Debit Note for Sales / Purchase and debit notes
  • Advance payments/ Payment receipts / Refund vouchers
  • Reverse charges
  • Handle TDS and TCS declarations
  • Imports and exports
  • Auto-populate customer/vendor details based on Party Master
  • Export to Monthly Returns Such as GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3, GSTR 9

Extended Available Features

  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Repair
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Purchases and expenses
  • API
  • Mobile App
  • Barcode integration
  • Email integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Job costing
  • Multi location
  • Multiple company
  • POS invoicing
  • Manufacturing management
  • Project Management
  • Quotation and estimates
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory management
  • Invoicing
  • Multi user login and roll based access
  • Outstanding
  • Product database
  • Supplier and purchase order management
  • Taxation management


  • Intimates you of your suppliers GST Invoice uploads everyday
  • Reconciles GST every day
  • Raises GST Invoices
  • Optional Cloud based so saves expensive Investment in servers
  • Hard disk crashes doesnt affect data
  • No Anti-virus software needed
  • Tailor made for every business with specific features
  • Has all the features of Tally and Marg together
  • High control over data
  • Ideal for multi-branches
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Customizable for Nominal Fee
  • Low price

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