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The Beginning E Commerce Website

Mapwalks is a leading ecommerce web design company in Ariyalur providing services to clients globally. We don’t just create shopping cart solutions, but our bespoke designs actually help you improve your conversion rate. Our skilled and experienced team of experts work in close coordination with you to understand your business and your target audience. We then research and create par excellence solution using industry specific standard best practices. The result is an online company that has an edge over the competition! So, if you are looking for a result-driven Ecommerce Web Design Company in India, your search ends here!

How an Ecommerce website can heat up the global market

It is crystal clear that the internet has no limit and you can attain the things or services you want without a single minute wait. An ecommerce website tremendously utilizes the platform to spread the business across the globe and make it accessible by everyone via internet. You can access the platform from anywhere and anytime. E commerce website development has heated up the global market by introducing latest ideas and technologies like storefront digitization, chatbot etc.

Types of E Commerce Business Models

Business Classifications

  • B2B - Business to Business
  • B2C – Business to Consumer
  • C2C – Consumer to Consumer
  • C2B – Consumer to Business
  • B2A – Business to Administration

Business Models

  • Dropshipping
  • Wholesaling and Warehousing
  • White-labeling
  • Manufacturing
  • Subscription-based

Product Models

  • Single Product
  • Single Category
  • Multiple Category
  • Affiliate
  • Hybrid

B2B Ecommerce

A B2B model focuses on providing products from one business to another. While many ecommerce businesses in this niche are service providers, you’ll find software companies, office furniture and supply companies, document hosting companies, and numerous other ecommerce business models under this heading.

B2B ecommerce examples you may be familiar with include the ExxonMobil Corporation and the Chevron Corporation, Boeing, and Archer Daniel Midlands. These businesses have custom, enterprise ecommerce platforms that work directly with other businesses in a closed environment. A B2B ecommerce business typically requires more startup cash.

B2C Ecommerce

The B2C sector is what most people think of when they imagine an ecommerce business. This is the deepest ecommerce market, and many of the names you’ll see here are known quantities offline, too. B2C sales are the traditional retail model, where a business sells to individuals, but business is conducted online as opposed to in a physical store.

Examples of B2C businesses are everywhere. Exclusively online retailers include,, Wish, and ModCloth, but other major B2C brick-and-mortar businesses like Staples, Wal-Mart, Target, REI, and Gap.


C2C Ecommerce

B2B and B2C are fairly intuitive concepts for most of us, but the idea of C2C is different. What does a consumer-to-consumer ecommerce business look like?

Created by the rise of the ecommerce sector and growing consumer confidence in online sales, these sites allow customers to trade, buy, and sell items in exchange for a small commission paid to the site. Opening a C2C site takes careful planning.

Despite the obvious success of platforms like eBay and Craigslist, numerous other auction and classified sites (the main arenas for C2C) have opened and quickly closed due to unsustainable models.

C2B Ecommerce

C2B is another model most people don’t immediately think of, but that is growing in prevalence. This type of online business is when the consumer sells goods or services to businesses, and is roughly equivalent to a sole proprietorship serving a larger business.

Reverse auctions, service provision sites like UpWork, and several common blog monetization strategies like affiliate marketing or Google AdSense also fall under this heading.

B2A Ecommerce

This part of e-commerce encompasses all transactions conducted online between companies and public administration. This is an area that involves a large amount and a variety of services, particularly in areas such as fiscal, social security, employment, legal documents and registers, etc. These types of services have increased considerably in recent years with investments made in e-government.

Key areas of E Commerce

E-Commerce Website

We are developing professional and full responsive e commerce website for retail and wholesale business frameworks.

Plug-ins Development

We are efficient to create and use plug-ins to enhance the functionality and capability of an ecommerce web portal.

Payment Gateway

We use strong ,secured, safest and handy to use payment gateway for e commerce to make and receive online payment.

Cart Development

Cart is the most important feature of an e commerce website. It build cart for system in e commerce web applications.

E-Commerce application

We build responsive mobile-supportive e commerce website.It has capability to adjust the size as per the device’s display.

Repair and Maintenance

We provide after development services to repair and maintain the website as per latest and updates in technology.

Business Growth With Big Brain Creation

Big Brain Creation is one of the leading Ecommerce Website Design Company In India established in 2017. Big Brain Creation have dedicated team in Ecommerce Development. Our eCommerce solutions are tailor-made, specially keeping the startup and established business ventures into center. We are helping the start-up businesses by designing for them award winning platforms and providing them with real time consultancy.


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