There are 7 different types of logo

1 - Pictorial mark.

The first is logos with a simple symbol or icon. This category includes logos like Benz and Apple. The psychology of these logos is that these simple logos fall into the human mind.

2 - Word Mark.

The brand name of the text (Text or Font) logos in this category. Often modified or newly created fonts are used to keep this logo unmatched: Face Book, Coca cola and Disney are examples..

3 - Letter Mark.

What does it mean to have your brand shortened to a logo? Hewlett - Packard shrinks and becomes HP. General Eletertic shrinks and transforms into GE Have you heard of Bavarian Motor Works? This Bavarian Motor Works is known as BMW by omitting the brand name and logo.

4 - Combination Mark

A logo is a combination of word mark, symbol or icon. Sometimes word mark, icon and word are used. Customers do not have confusion because they are familiar with both adidas and Burger king.

5 - Emblem logo

The emblem logo is the logo embedded within the font of an icon or symbol. Star bucks Remember the fish girl in the green circle inside the font? The Harley Davidson logo is another example.

6 - Mascots logo

Sometimes the characteristic of such a logo is that of a cartoon character and at other times a funny character. The distinction of the mascot logo is the way an illustrated character represents your brand. Colonel Amul Girl of KFC, Maharaja of Air India and Honey Bee of Scooby Day are in front of us.

7 - Abstract logo

The abstract logo is a visual image that embodies the essence of a brand in addition to a legitimate image. It can be described as a drawing with colors and pattern. Pepsi's split circles and the AT&T logo are examples.

Trust, Reputation, Innovation, Customer Service For a brand that runs on four tires, a good brand name, logo, and slogan is the next step in media planning.