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Easy to use Retail POS Software

Mapwalks POS system software empowers retailers with a user-friendly interface that aims to deliver seamless retail experiences. To keep up with the growing trends and changing customer needs, the retail point of sale solutions now enable retailers to perform their daily business with increased efficiency. The POS software offered by Mapwalks promises a quick and easy approach to billing with continuous data synchronization. It is being used by the top retail companies in India making it the best POS software in India.

  • Mapwalks POS software is user-friendly and it supports fast billing features
  • Graphics mode and text mode bill printing is supported by the retail point of sale software
  • The point of sale solution does not slow down during background data sync
  • The retail store software offers automated data synchronization
  • Promotion indicators and Command Shortcuts are also made available in the POS software
Ease of Use

Point of Sale Software with Effective Stock Management

As the retail business expands, a system is needed to keep track of the growing amount of stock at the store. The Mapwalks point of sale software offers effective stock management features to retailers to empower them with greater control and increased visibility into the stock availability.

  • In-store stock audit available in the POS system software
  • The point of sale solution enables goods receipt note availability, tracking of goods return to HO and inter-store stock transfers
  • With the POS software perform a global stock lookup with a configuration of nearby stores
  • Mapwalks POS system software allows for fast item search
  • Point of Sale Software with multiple stock points
Point of Sale Software with multiple stock points

Stay Secure with Mapwalks POS Software

In the hunt for the best POS software in India, Retailers often forget about the security aspects of investing in POS system software. Since the retail POS software is the centralized hub of information about the business, powerful access authentication capabilities are required. With Mapwalks retail POS system, retail businesses can control access to the system and ensure that the data remains secure.

  • Session controls available in all-in-one retail POS solutions
  • Supervisor controls for discount, exchanges, refunds available in the point of sale software
  • Mapwalks point of sale solutions ensure that the bill remains non-modifiable once saved
  • The billing software for retail stores supports authenticated digital wallet transactions
Secure POS

Mapwalks POS Retail Software Supports a Pro Shopper Approach

Customer expectations are changing which means that retailers need to adopt new and innovative approaches to engage customers now. A modern retail POS system can help retail businesses increase customer satisfaction rates by offering a smooth in-store experience to the customers. Mapwalks retail billing software works towards helping retailers create a loyal, long-lasting customer base.

  • Mapwalks retail POS software enables Orders and Layaways
  • The POS Software supports credit sales options
  • Allow seamless customer experience by offering Sale and Exchange in the same bill using Mapwalks point of sale solution
  • Send SMS alerts on shopping events and forward bills via SMS and email
  • Retail POS system software features the use of credit note and loyalty points redemption at any store with OTP authentication
Pro Shopper

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